Former Sports Night star Sabrina Lloyd is joining the cast of NBC's Ed in a multi-episode arc, TV Guide Online has learned. The 31-year-old actress will represent the latest obstacle to come between Stuckyville's unrequited romantics Ed (Tom Cavanagh) and Carol (Julie Bowen).

"She plays a young, eager attorney who wants to get a job working for Ed," explains executive producer Rob Burnett. "And their relationship sparkles with chemistry.

"She's really terrific," Burnett adds of Lloyd, who also appeared on ABC's short-lived Gabriel Byrne sitcom Madigan Men. "She's a fantastic actress and has been welcomed with open arms by [Ed co-stars] Julie Bowen, Jana Marie Hupp, Lesley Boone and everyone in the cast."

Lloyd, who makes her Ed debut on Jan. 8, is the latest in a long line of potential Mrs. Ed's — all of whom proved no match for the bowling alley lawyer's childhood crush. Case in point: The latest would-be spoiler, talk show spitfire Kelly Ripa, ends her run as Ed's on-again, off-again love interest next week. In other words, lotsa luck, Sabrina!