Question: Any scoop on Simple Life 4? I hear Paris and Nicole will be back even though they can't stand each other.

Answer: Actually, the word is "poop," and I'm full of it. Simple Life 4 poop, that is. Yes, Paris and Nicole will be back, but for the how, what, where and when you'll have to pick up the inaugural full-size TV Guide this Thursday. (Hint: Their feud will be addressed on camera in the first episode.) And here's a mini-poop that didn't make it into The Ausiello Report: Exec producer Jonathan Murray reveals that Paris and Nicole's friendship began deteriorating during the tail end of Simple Life 3, but "we made a conscious effort not to use any of that" footage. And, sadly, there are no plans to include those deleted scenes on the forthcoming DVD. "We've built up a good deal of trust with Paris and Nicole," Murray says. "Besides, I don't think people watch it for the bickering. They watch it for the fun of it." Not true! I wanna see a fight!