As part of a Tuesday visit to the TV Guide offices, Heroes' Greg Grunberg revealed which similarly enabled characters lawman Matt Parker will cross paths with first. "I just shot scenes with Hayden [Panettiere, Claire] and Milo [Ventimiglia, Peter]," he shared with The threesome, however, do not all share a scene together. "No, but almost," said Grunberg. "We're in the same location, investigating the same murder."

Wait, so does Peter actually meet the cheerleader whom he has to save to, you know, save the world? "Oh, he does, yeah. In a big way. A big way," Grunberg teased. For more on Greg's visit, as well as buckets more TV scoopage, don't miss the 100th edition of Ask Ausiello. (By the way, if Greg comes through on his offer to Mike? Huge.)