Question: Do you have scoop on the Law & Order: SVU episode that will feature Benson and Stabler bonding while on a stakeout?

Answer: Save the date: The episode, titled "Fault," is slated to air April 4. In it, something happens that's so huge, it'll not only pave the way for Mariska Hargitay's impending maternity leave, its aftershocks will be felt all the way through next season. "You're going to see things that you didn't expect," teases exec producer Neal Baer. "There's a very surprising turn of events." Might said events involve the two sexually repressed detectives giving each other mouth-to-mouth? "I couldn't tell you that," Baer hedges. "You'll have to watch. I will say it's unexpected and you know I don't bull---- you." Hey, watch the language, mister! This is a family column. (OMG, they're so gonna shag, it's not even funny.)