Question: Please give me some scoop on the new season of Deadwood. And HBO execs need to get off the crack if they're thinking of canceling this great show, because as we all know, crack is whack.

Answer: I'm hoping to have some fresh Deadwood prattle in the next week or two. And amen re: the HBO/crack thing. This whole Deadwood fiasco may go down as one of HBO's biggest blunders in history. Kudos to the group of Deadwood fans who took out that full-page ad in Variety urging HBO to reconsider killing the show before its natural conclusion. "In our opinion," the ad read, "failing to allow Deadwood to complete its full intended story arc not only deprives millions of HBO subscribers around the world the opportunity to see Deadwood to its rightful conclusion, it also creates a serious disincentive to viewer investment in future HBO series." I couldn't have said it better myself. (Seriously, I couldn't. I'm not that good a writer.)