Question: Do you have any scoop on what (if anything) has happened with Julie White's character on Desperate Housewives? Does Marc Cherry still have plans for her, or did he decide to go in another direction?

Answer: As I understand it, Ms. White heard what Cherry had planned for her character and chose to do a Broadway play instead. (In case you forgot, White played that mysterious woman that Bree saw Orson visiting in the mental hospital last May; she's been MIA ever since.) Having just seen the play that White ditched DH for the showbiz satire The Little Dog Laughed methinks she made the right decision. Although the play is just so-so, White is hilarious as a ruthless Hollywood agent who tries desperately to keep her No. 1 client from coming out of the closet. Variety put it best when they described her as a female Ari Gold. The Tony is hers to lose.