Question: Do you have any scoop about Supernatural? Will it be back for a third season?

Answer: Your guess is as good as Kripke's. When I spoke with him, he put the show's chances at "solidly, solidly 50-50," then offered his "honest attitude," which, frankly, was the last thing I expected from anyone at press tour. "I wish we had a million to a half-million more viewers," he admitted. "I think those X-Files fans are out there. We're just struggling to get the word out that there's an X-Files-quality show on the CW. And it's hard to get the viewers who are not watching Grey's Anatomy or CSI. We're sort of the odd duck on the network, so we're trying to let people know that there's a hard, sci-fi-genre show that just happens to be on the CW." Should the show get picked up for a third season, Kripke already has an arc story in mind to scare up those X-philes he wants so badly. "We keep talking over and over about how there's a war that's about to begin between demons and humans, and things keep feeling like they're going to escalate higher and higher," he observed. "In the season finale of Season 2, definitively, the war begins, and the boys spend much of Season 3 scrambling, with things getting worse and worse."