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Snag the All-New Schitt's Creek Little People Collector Set for Just $25 Now

Experience the charm and humor of Schitt's Creek in a brand new way.

Tyler Schoeber

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It's time to welcome the Rose family to your home, Little People style. Fisher-Price, in collaboration with ITV Studios, just dropped its newest addition to their iconic Little People Collector line

That's right. Schitt's Creek. It's a good day, folks.

The Roses have gone from riches to rags, but their style and charisma are still off the charts. Just throw on one episode and you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Although the show has since ended after six incredible seasons back in 2020, we're still celebrating all of our fond memories watching with merch, toys, and trinkets. This exclusive set is ready to bring the charm and humor of Schitt's Creek right to your home.

Little People Collector Schitt's Creek Special Edition Set

Little People Collector Schitt's Creek Special Edition Set


Meet tiny versions of your favorites, Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David. Johnny, in classic businessman fashion, sports a blue suit with the top button undone, capturing his signature style perfectly. Moira is (obviously) dressed to impress in her unforgettable garbage bag dress in an array of dazzling jewelry. Wig wall sadly not included. Alexis carries herself with confidence wearing her iconic floppy hat and a cute red sundress, striking a pose that's just a little bit Alexis. And David? Well, he's rocking one of his many designer sweaters, paired perfectly with chic sunglasses and a collection of rings, embodying his slightly pretentious fashion sense.

To keep it real with you, Fisher-Price, you nailed it. Truly.

Schitt's Creek fans, it's time to add to your collection and show your love for the show in a physical form. Head over to Amazon and grab your Fisher-Price Little People Collector Schitt's Creek set for just $25.

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