Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough

On Monday's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough unwittingly poured for viewers a fresh cup of F-word.

Scarborough let the f-bomb fly on live television as he related a story of how Barack Obama's chosen Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, might need to reel in some of his "blue" tendences now that he's joined the President-elect's team. (In political circles, Emanuel is typically pegged as "a foul-mouthed practitioner of brass-knuckled politics.")

The unexpected expletive came as Scarborough described Obama's longtime circle of supporters as "steady men who don't go around flipping people off or screaming, 'F--- you' at the top of their lungs."

Sharing a split screen with Scarborough at the time, veteran newsman/MSNBC commentator Mike Barnacle registered instant surprise at the gaffe. Only moments later did Scarborough himself realize his error. "If I actually said the word ...great apologies!" he told viewers. "I am so sorry."

Watch video of Scarborough's slip below. (Warning: contains the F-word.)