Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn

"Dirty little secrets always come out."

That's the party line for the second season of Scandal, as you can see in the exclusive first look at the new poster for the Shonda Rhimes political fixer drama. And that line seriously worries us.

Not only will the Quinn Perkins secret (finally) come spilling out — seriously, who is she? — but by the looks of the poster, things between Olivia (Kerry Washington) and the President (Tony Goldwyn) are far from over.

Who is Quinn Perkins and 5 more things to know about the Scandal premiere

"I think it's a very fraught relationship," Rhimes recently teased of the duo. "I feel like that couple, they clearly have this relationship that is very permanent, that's not going to go anywhere, and yet the obstacles that keep them apart are huge and fairly insurmountable. [His wife] Mellie [Bellamy Young] is pregnant and there's a lot going on."

Are you still rooting for Olivia and Fitz? Check out the poster below and sound off in the comments!

Scandal returns Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.