It's been a long time coming, but Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) will finally face her past mistakes on Scandal.

Thursday's episode, titled "The Noise," picks up right after Charlie (George Newbern) was taken into custody after being framed for hijacking Air Force Two. As QPA works to figure out a way to clear his name, they'll join forces with Olivia — someone who hasn't exactly been good to them this season. The former Washington fixer let the power of being both the head of B613 and Mellie's (Bellamy Young) Chief of Staff get to her head, which her to commit some heinous crimes against her friends like allowing Quinn (Katie Lowes) to be murdered by her father Eli — though that turned out to be another bluff.

Now that she's lost most of her power and credibility in Washington, the former fixer will have to work extra hard to prove herself trustworthy in the fight to save Charlie before it's too late. That also means coming to terms with her past actions and finally doing some self-reflection.

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"It's a real standout episode for Oliva. She's going through a rigorous self-examination in a way that she has not for a very very long time," Darby Stanchfield told TV Guide. "Her appetite for power superseded any moral compass."

As we see Olivia slowly make her way back towards the side of good, this self-examination will be just the start of her atonement. Though she still has a ways to go before she can wear the white hat again, her redemption is something Scandal will continue to explore as the show prepares to wrap things up with a series finale slated for Thursday, April 19.

"This is kind of the beginning of what is set up for the last three episodes. She's really coming to terms with why is she doing what she's doing," added Stanchfield.

Thursday's episode, which was directed by Stanchfield, will also provide some much-needed answers to the questions raised surrounding the hijacking, and what exactly that has to do with Charlie. "You find out a lot more about Cyrus and his part in the hijacking of Air Force Two," she teased. "In terms of Charlie, you get some big answers. It's a great episode for Charlie."

See how it all unfolds when Scandal airs in its new timeslot starting Thursday, March 29 at 10/9c on ABC.

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