Bellamy Young Bellamy Young

Everyone grieves in different ways. For Mellie (Bellamy Young) on Scandal, mourning Jerry Jr.'s death involves less denial and anger, and more, well, perhaps Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) said it best: "I have dealt with drunk Mellie, smelly Mellie, screw-everything-to-hell Mellie, eat-everything-that-is-not-nailed-down Mellie. And I have not complained."

We're not complaining either; Mellie may be hurting, but she sure is entertaining. Below, we've listed her 14 stages of grief, in all their dirty, lounging, snacking glory. Don't worry, Mel. We'll get through this together.

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1. Get some B&B: bathrobes and boots (preferably Uggs)

2. Go au naturel

3. Always visit...

4. ... and make yourself at home

5. Eat your feelings

6. Seriously, just eat...

7. Stomp and chomp

8. Read up on Eiffel Towering

9. Find a project you can sink your teeth into

10. Pick up a new hobby

11. An apple a day keeps Abby away

12. Just hang out

13. Keep drumming up an appetite

14. Let it burn

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