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[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of Scandal. Read at your own risk.]

Huck told the whole (or should we say "hole"?) truth on Thursday's Scandal, but can anyone handle it?

After Huck (Guillermo Diaz) gave David's spectacularly color-coded B613 files to his estranged wife Kim (Jasika Nicole), she brings them straight to David (Joshua Malina) herself, telling him that her husband Diego Munoz gave them to her, and asks him to expose the black ops group.

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Freaked out, David runs straight to Huck and (wannabe?) Gladiator Jake (Scott Foley) at Liv's office, where Huck reveals that his real name is Diego Munoz. They devise a plan for Huck to testify that he lied to Kim about B613 and all its dirty deeds, but, desperate to repair his family, Huck ends up spilling the beans about his time in the hole in a moving, heartbreaking speech. Emboldened by Huck's confession, David is all "white hat's back on" to Jake, ready to take down B613 once and for all.

So, what's next? Will David finally get a win? Will Huck regret telling the truth? Will B613 go after him? (Duh.) Get the scoop from Diaz below.

Huck's testimony took a turn! What was your reaction when you found out he would tell the truth?
Guillermo Diaz:
I thought, "Oh, man, they're gonna kill him. How exciting that he tells all and decides to really talk about his experience in whole and say that it was real and that they really did that to him." I thought it fun for the audience to see that. There are a lot of secrets on the show and between people, so anytime something can be in the open, it's exciting. It definitely sets up a lot of different possibilities. I also think it made sense for him to do that.

It was cathartic.
Absolutely. That's the perfect word for it. It was totally cathartic for him, just to get it out and be able to talk about it. It's been eating him up inside.

Do you think he secretly planned to do that or he just couldn't help himself? We saw all those flashbacks to his happier, pre-hole life.
I played it as if he couldn't help himself and it just came out. He didn't plan it. He was just overwhelmed by the situation and his inner [turmoil]. It was just so unexpected and so exciting and fun. Our director for this episode, Allison Liddi-Brown, directed "752," so to have her back and to have Jasika Nicole back - our little group was back. I always feel really safe with her.

Kim and Huck kiss at the end, and he has a little smile on his face. Where is his mindset now? Is he just focused on repairing his family? It doesn't seem like he's thinking about the repercussions of spilling the beans at all yet.
I think in that moment, it's about his family, but it's a little of both. He's trying to focus on, this is what he needs to do. He does want his family back. He wants his wife and his kid back. He's trying to focus on that and do all he can to make that happen seamlessly and not get killed in the process. But, of course, in the back of his head, he's thinking, "I have to watch my back. I have to protect my family, make sure they don't get hurt." There's a lot going on in Huck's head! [Laughs]

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He was always about work and kills, and now he's trying to put his personal life first. What's it gonna be like for him straddling that line? Olivia (Kerry Washington) doesn't know what he did yet, but I'm assuming she'll find out soon.
Right? That's not going to be easy for her. He's always up-front and honest with Olivia. This is one of the first times that that's not the case. I think he's a little afraid. It's kind of like when you have a dog and he's loyal and when he does something wrong, like chew up your shoe, he has that cowering face. He just lowers his face and his eyes drop. I feel like that's what's going on inside of Huck right now. He feels guilty for not including Olivia in what's going on. But it was something he had to do.

Is Huck going to tell anyone else? Is Olivia going to find out through Jake or David?
I wish I could tell you! I can say it's not going to be dropped. Like I said, he feels guilty and Olivia, after everything they've been through, I think it's a bit of a shock for her. In the next couple of episodes, you're gonna see a lot more of [the investigation]. There's going to be a lot of scenes of David Rosen and Huck and Jake together trying to figure out how to go about the investigation into B613. They're pretty intense and a lot of those scenes are in locations that Huck has never been in before and interacting with people he doesn't normally interact with. That's exciting.

Like in the White House? Diaz: [Laughs] Maybe!

I assume Rowan (Joe Morton) won't be happy.
Yeah. Papa Pope is coming back for sure. ... And something tells me he's gonna have a really long, beautiful monologue that he does. ... He's Command. It's not going to be good. But Huck knows he has to watch his back, as they all do. Rosen has to watch his back, Jake and everyone does. I mean, I think they're all focused on that this is what needs to be done. Ultimately, this group does want to do good. They're not bad guys. They want to do good. Sometimes that means taking extreme, morally gray measures, and I think that's what they're doing. They think this is the right thing to do. And I do think Huck did the right thing by telling the truth. The people who are responsible for putting Huck in the hole need to be held accountable, and I think everybody is on the same page. Except for Rowan, of course!

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Would you like to see B613 eradicated? The first half of the season was about taking down Rowan, but he outsmarted everyone, and now we're back there again. And Jake wanted to get Rowan before, but now he doesn't want B613 exposed.
Yeah. I think that's a struggle for both [Huck and Jake]: What's the right thing to do? For Huck, it was the right thing to do. I feel like I would like [to see B613 eradicated]. Something tells me that that would be really, really difficult to completely eradicate B613. And would the show be as exciting? Part of me does want to see it completely gone and dismantled and all those guys thrown in prison, but the other part is like, "No, that's what keeps the show exciting. It keeps everyone on the edges of our seats." You'll see in the upcoming episodes that B613 is far bigger and dangerous than we know.

How much progress will David make? He can never get a win. Should we not get our hopes up?
[Laughs] I know, poor David Rosen! He can't get a win in this race. He has no luck at all! He's certainly going to do his best to make it be his first win. It's kind of sweet to really see him go from sort of confused at Huck telling his story to kind of, "I see where you're at, Huck. I'm gonna be there for you. I'm gonna help you." That was sweet and nice to see from Rosen. You're going to see Huck in a lot more scenes with David Rosen as they do this and there's gonna be a bond that develops, which is exciting.

Javi saw Huck kill a man, but now everything seems kosher between them. What's Huck's family situation going to be like?
[Laughs] I mean, they're family. You'll definitely see Kim and Javi pop up again. They're not going away. He's really trying to put his family first and I think Kim is relieved that he testified. I loved the scene last night of them at the dinner table. It's a human side of Huck that you don't see very often. That was really nice. I'm playing Huck, and I was excited to see that because I'm so used to him scowling. He was actually happy sitting at the dinner table.

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