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ABC’s hit political soap isn’t called Scandal for nothing, and here are 21 of the most over-the-top OMG moments. So many spoilers ahead!

Shaun Harrison
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1. All the Oval Office hookups!

Even the very concept of ABC's hit political soap is over-the-top. Fitz and Olivia's steamy affair plays out wherever the President goes, from hotels on the campaign trail to Camp David, as well as, of course, the Oval Office.

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2. Fitz kills Verna Thornton

The President kills his appointed Supreme Court Justice, Verna Thornton. But it's not that bad because she's already terminally ill as well as also the one who ordered his assassination. Just an average, everyday Scandal scenario.

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3. Mama Pope eats her wrists

Acting on an opportunity to escape captivity and reunite with her daughter Olivia, Maya chews through her wrists in order to be transferred to a medical facility. If her own wrists won't stop her from getting what she wants, nothing will!

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4. Command is revealed to be Olivia’s dad

All through season 2, a mysterious operative plants Jake into Olivia's life as part of a grand plan to keep her and the President apart. Things get personal, and more than a little awkward, when it's revealed that man is Olivia's father.

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5. Jake kills James Novak

Jake murders three journalists, including Cyrus' husband James, and leaves David Rosen alive to provide a cover story. With the journalists about to release the bloody truth of how Daniel Langston died, Jake took SUPER drastic measures to preserve the republic.

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6. Quinn Perkins is actually Lindsay Dwyer, fugitive alleged bomber

The series starts with young, intrepid lawyer Quinn Perkins joining Olivia Pope's team. Our trust in the show's initial audience surrogate turns on its head when we slowly discover Quinn Perkins is a cover identity for falsely accused bomber Lindsay Dwyer, which Olivia herself helped create. Oof, it's complicated.

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7. Cyrus, Mellie, Olivia , Hollis and Verna rigged the election for Fitz to win his first presidential term

Five members of Fitz's inner circle conspired to ensure he would win his first presidential election, unbeknownst to him and the American people. This monumental secret dominates the first and second seasons.

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8. Rowan has Fitz's son, Jerry, killed right before the presidential election

Fitz wins a second term as president but not without the greatest cost of all--the shocking death of his son. Rowan orders Tom, his agent as well as a Secret Service agent, kill him to ensure his position as Command and as revenge for his dalliance with Olivia. Nothing is NOT personal on this show.

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9. Sally Langston murders her husband in a fit of religion-fueled rage

Poised to give Fitz a real run for his money in the presidential election, VP Sally Langston goes fatally cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs when she discovers her husband has cheated on her with a man.

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10. Cyrus orders the hit on the pregnant Amanda Tanner

Cyrus hires Charlie, the freelance assassin, to kill Amanda Tanner, suspected to be pregnant with Fitz's child. Later, it's revealed she was pregnant with Billy Chambers' child and a reluctant part of his scheme to best Fitz and his administration. Whoops!

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11. Huck licks (and tortures) Quinn

Huck shows an entirely new level of crazy when he licks, tortures and downright creeps out Quinn after discovering she's betrayed Olivia.

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12. Huck and Quinn suck face in a parking garage

Only a few episodes after Huck tortured Quinn, they end up devouring one another in a different way, right in the middle of a parking garage.

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13. Jerry Grant assaults Mellie

In a flashback to before Mellie's time in the White House, we learn she has been keeping the secret of her father-in-law raping her for years. Her bottled-up pain and anguish give her calculated actions and maneuvers to preserve her and Fitz's status new meaning.

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14. Olivia and Fitz’s awkward phone sex

Olivia confronts Fitz about his suicide attempt, which occurred when she ran off with Jake. Instead of talking about it, Fitz proceeds to initiate phone sex with her, and she doesn't discourage him. These crazy kids are crazy.

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15. Fitz is shot

Season 2's mid-season finale packed quite a punch as it ended with Fitz being shot by an assassin's bullet, and then nothing for weeks until the show returned from hiatus. Ah!

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16. Jake’s Olivia surveillance

Just as things start looking up for Olivia--a new love interest that isn't the married President of the United States--we discover her new beau watches her every move from cameras installed throughout her apartment. Is that a downgrade or an upgrade?

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17. Billy murders Gideon

Gideon's journalistic skills were too good for desperate schemer Billy Chambers, who takes matters into his own hands and silences the scribe.

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18. Mellie intentionally induces labor

Mellie pulls out every card she has to prevent Fitz from divorcing her, which includes medically inducing an early labor of their child.

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19. Command/Rowan Pope schools Fitz

Being detained in an undisclosed bunker doesn't preclude Command/Rowan Pope from an epic speech, taking down Fitz as a rich boy who only loves his daughter because she's a "door marked exit" for him.

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20. David wakes up to dead woman’s body in bed

Capping off the loss of his job and girlfriend, David Rosen wakes up next to a murdered woman, and all signs point to him as the killer. David's life was so much less complicated before he met Olivia Pope.

21 of 21 ABC

21. Rowan and Jake square off at family dinner

Three major political power players meet up for a family dinner. What could go wrong? Threats of treason, death and worse make their way onto the table, but with Olivia's return, they go back to their normal(ish) selves.