Question: Saw your interview with Jamie Bamber at the TV Guide After Party. So, what is your deal with his wife? He seemed a little concerned.

Answer: A little concerned? He looked like he was about to clock me! A little backstory: When the Museum of Television and Radio honored Battlestar Gallactica in New York last spring, I met his wife, actress-singer Kerry Norton, at the post-reception and the two of us started talking and really hit it off. We were just having a fun, silly time. Totally innocent. So, naturally, when I saw Jamie at the Emmy bash, I asked him if Kerry was with him, and he informed me that she wasn't. No big deal, right? Well, when I brought her name up again — this time at the end of our interview — he clearly was not pleased. It was unbelievably uncomfortable. Short-story-shorter: In my effort to break the ice with Jamie Bamber on the red carpet, I think I unwittingly got myself entangled in a love triangle with him and his wife! Someone call Page Six!