Holly Hunter by Erik Heinila/TBS Holly Hunter by Erik Heinila/TBS

Someone up there likes Holly Hunter. TNT has granted Saving Grace a full first-season run, extending its original order by an additional 15 episodes. " Saving Grace is a wholly original, thought-provoking show with a dynamic, gut-wrenching performance by one of Hollywood's top actresses at its center," says TNT exec Michael Wright. "We're thrilled at the response to the show and happy that it has connected with its audience, and we're proud to be extending the run of this exciting new series as it continues to build on its success."

Saving Grace is basic cable's most-watched series launch of the year.

And again, I remind you - no naked Harvey Keitel bits.

UPDATE: Speaking of Keitel, look who's the new front-runner to join Criminal Minds! ( Click here for details.)