Russell Crowe is not exactly known for his comedic styling - and for good reason. The Oscar winner wasn't exactly a laugh riot on Saturday Night Live, but the first-time host committed to every wacky character the writers threw his way, so he at least deserves an A for effort.

Check out the best sketches from the night below.

Opening Monologue: Starting off the night with a little self-deprecation was a great move on Crowe's part. By acknowledging his lack of comedy experience and (rightfully) poking fun at his part in Les Miserables, Crowe proved he was in on the joke and knew the odds were against him.

100 Days in the Jungle: On a Survivor-like show, the remaining three contestants are rewarded with visits from a loved one — or in Nathan's case, his uncle's friend Terry (Crowe). It's not the greatest concept in the world, but Crowe's overwhelming enthusiasm as the silly character is a sight to be seen.

Oprah Winfrey: A Life of Love: The concept of this fake trailer is simple: white guy Mike O'Brien stars as Oprah in a new biopic. But instead of relying solely on that gag, the trailer finds plenty of other ways to poke fun at Oprah's long career.

Weekend Update: This is worth it alone for the Photoshopped image of Ted Cruz as Pizza Rat.