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Saturday Night Live Spoofs the Netflix Content Overload

"It'll take 12 human lifetimes ... so start now"

Amanda Bell

It's no secret that Netflix's content plans are... ambitious. The streaming service has been continuously ramping up its in-house productions and title acquisitions, to the point that the weekly roll-out feels like an unconquerable onslaught at times. There's a little something for everyone in the library, though -- whether you're in search of prestige originals, stand-up comedy specials, or so-bad-they're-good B-movies, the offerings are aplenty.

So, withThe Crown's former lead Claire Foy on tap to host this weekend's new episode ofSaturday Night Live, it was as good a time as any to riff on the digital network's ever-increasing slate, featuring the actress reprising her role during an entirely different phase of queenliness: the malaise of high school a la Saved By the Crown. If we thought Prince Phillip was a hot mess before, this era would sure be interesting.

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Meanwhile, that wasn't the only '90s-tastic reboot concept to make the fictional, but also completely possible airwaves. There's also a Family Matters redux wherein Carl Winslow finally does what he's wanted to do all this time to his destructively nerdy neighbor boy Steve Urkel -- yes, he did do that -- and let's not forget Leslie Jones in a Van Getting Batteries, which, let's be honest, we'd all happily watch.

That pitch meeting was also too true. They could (and probably would) make a whole show just about that, too.