When Saturday Night Live returns for its 43rd season, there'll be at least one major change for the show to contend with: Sean Spicer has now vacated his post as the White House Press Secretary, which means Melissa McCarthy's buzzy recurring impersonation of the political personality probably won't get as much play, if any, going forward.

But there's also a new boisterous member of Donald Trump's team that fans are already imagining the small screen impressions of: newly-minted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

Scaramucci's appointment was rapidly followed with several official appearances on behalf of the administration, and based on his looks and personality, SNL fans are already putting forth their picks for the eventual skits the show might include him in.

Sex and the City star Mario Cantone, for example, is one small screen star that some fans believe would make a suitable choice for Scaramucci on SNL.

Based on looks alone, it's a no-brainer, but Cantone also has the same knack for fast-talk that would be necessary for the impression, as evidenced by his portrayal of his coincidentally-named character Anthony on SATC.

Others are vetting long-time SNL alum Chris Kattan for the role.

His ample experience with sketch comedy would certainly work to his benefit in this fan-casting experiment.

There are even some who think the gender-flipping tradition McCarthy started with Spicey should continue with Amy Sedaris taking the role.

It's worth noting that Sedaris has ample experience stepping into the requisite prosthetics, thanks in part to her long stint on Strangers with Candy. Although she does have a complicated history with SNL, maybe now's the time for her and Lorne Michaels to finally work together.

John Travolta is another name that's being floated by fans for the role.

Specifically, his role in The People vs. O.J. Simpson has some convinced that he could handle making the Mooch happen on SNL.

Even Arrested Development star Jason Bateman is getting some love in the SNL fan-casting frenzy.

He could certainly handle the charm factor, that's for sure.

Who would you cast as Scaramucci for SNL's new season?