Amy Schumer, <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Amy Schumer, Saturday Night Live

Reigning queen of 2015 Amy Schumer made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, and she did it with a bang.

Just one day after two mass shootings occurred on two different college campuses, the sketch series aimed their sights on gun control in what would become a recurring theme of the night.

Check out the highlights from the episode below, including Schumer's monologue and an extra-long "Weekend Update."

Guns: This fake ad began with several people dealing with important moments in life--a father and son bonding, a pregnant woman about to give birth, a first date, etc.-- which all ended up being centered around guns because they're "here to stay."

Schumer's monologue: When a stand-up comedian hosts Saturday Night Live, is it really all that surprising that their monologue is a highlight? Schumer, who's had a remarkable year and whose first HBO comedy special will debut next weekend, tackled everything from being a woman in Hollywood and the Kardashians, "a whole family of women that take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion."

Weekend Update: Guns were also the topic of discussion in an extra-long edition of "Weekend Update." "There's a gun for every man, woman and child in this country," said co-host Michael Che. "What are we preparing for, a rap beef?"

Porn Teacher: In this sketch that mocked the porn industry, from its poor video quality to increasingly ridiculous puns and double entendres, Schumer played a teacher whose attempts to have sex with her male student were constantly interrupted by Aidy Bryant as an overachieving female student.

Fox and Friends cold open: Bobby Moynihan shined as Brian Kilmeade, who referred to Newt Gingrich as the "man who stole Christmas" when discussing the next possible Speaker of the House. The cold open also poked fun at the uninformed team as they discussed those controversial Planned Parenthood videos, among other things.