Matthew McConaughey may have been hosting Saturday Night Live this week, but it was undoubtedly Adele who won the night. Not only did her hit single "Hello" inspire the night's best sketch, but she also killed it as Saturday's musical guest.

Watch highlights from the episode below:

Fox and Friendscold open: The episode started off strong with an excellent cold open featuring the folks at Fox and Friends discussing Syrian refugees. The highlight: Jay Pharaoh's increasingly delightful Ben Carson impression.

Thanksgiving miracle: Thanksgiving with family can be hard. Fortunately, this young girl figured out the best way to stop arguments in their tracks, by playing Adele's "Hello," thus sending her family into sepia-toned fits of uncontrollable lip-synching. However, we should probably warn you that musical guest Adele does not actually appear in the sketch.

Watch Adele go undercover as an Adele impersonator

Blues shack: A blues band welcomes new member (McConaughey) who fails to channel any heartache into his lyrics ("I took a cab down to the airport/The driver said have a good flight/ I said "You too"/ and it's been buggin' me all night").

Star Wars auditions: With only a few more weeks left until Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out, J.J. Abrams shares a series of screen tests, including Shaq auditioning for Chewbacca, Danny DeVito for BB-8 and Jon Hamm pitching his very special script ideas: ""So you're like, 'What's up, Hamm Solo?' and I'm like, 'How's it goin', guys?'"

Adele: The singer delivered two powerhouse performances of "Hello" and "When We Were Young," that were above and beyond any sketches the show delivered this week. Bow down to the true queen.