MTV has tapped the sexy and sassy Sarah Silverman to front the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, airing live on June 3. Sarah has her special way of talking about things, so lemme hit you with some sound bites from her purty pottymouth regarding the plum gig:

" "The other day I sat down too hard and sprained my labia majora. I'm OK, but I took it as a sign from God to host the MTV Movie Awards."

" To "This is actually the first time the MTV [Movie] Awards are live, which means I can say ass c--k t-- vagina diarrhea sandwich, and they can't bleep it out. Which is great, because that's my favorite sandwich."

" Last but not least, to the AP: "Ever since I was a little girl, before MTV even started in 1980, I said, 'Someday, I want there to be an all-music channel that gives out awards for movies. And I want to host that show.'"

Love. Her.