If there's anything we've learned from American Horror Story: Cult, it's that Sarah Paulson is really good at screaming. The actress put those finely-tuned skills to the test in a funny segment for Ellen DeGeneres's YouTube series, Show Me More Show.

Continuing her annual tradition of sending The Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producer Andy Lassner through a haunted house, DeGeneres enlisted the AHS actress to accompany him this time around. The two did their best to hold it together as they walked through the creepy house boasting characters like Piggy Man and The Butcher from American Horror Story: Roanoke. Judging from the video, however, that was easier said than done.

This isn't the first time DeGeneres left the actress screaming in terror. She also scared Paulson three times during her visit to the show in September with a clown, a masked figure and a good old-fashioned jumpscare. Perhaps it's time to start calling Sarah Paulson the official Scream Queen of TV.

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Sarah Paulson, Andy Lassner, Ellen's Show Me More ShowSarah Paulson, Andy Lassner, Ellen's Show Me More Show