Ryan Murphy promised American Horror Story: Cult would be Evan Peters' "heaviest season yet," and he wasn't kidding! Kai Anderson is unlike anyone the actor has played in American Horror Story before. A charismatic cult leader hell-bent on burning the world down, Kai takes some of the currents running through modern American society and amps them up to the (very deadly) extreme.

This season has also already given viewers the gift of seeing Peters take on the role of Andy Warhol, and will soon showcase him stepping into the shoes of David Koresh, Jim Jones and Charles Manson as well. But is Cult Peters' best American Horror Story role of all time? See where he landed in our character ranking below!

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8. Rory Monahan, Roanoke
Although Rory is *technically* Peters' true character from Roanoke, he's the one who's easiest to forget. This cocky young actor was married to the older Audrey Tindall until his untimely demise while filming Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. We barely got to see Peters' as Rory before his death, but what we did see we weren't exactly thrilled by. Rory was extremely conceited and cared more about working with Brad Pitt than being there for his wife.


7. Edward Philippe Mott, Roanoke
Peters' reenactment role in Roanoke wasn't much better than his real character. The ancestor of Freak Show's Dandy Mott, Mott suffered from extreme social anxiety, was severely arrogant and loved his art collection more than anything (even people). Despite all this, Mott did help Matt, Shelby and Flora escape the Butcher, so he wasn't completely devoid of redeeming qualities.

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6. Kyle Spencer, Coven
Unlike his frat brothers, Kyle seemed like a genuinely kind and caring guy. That is, before he was killed alongside his brothers when Madison got revenge on the frat for her rape. Afterwards, Kyle was just a shell of a person, unable to speak or properly control his reconstructed body. But thanks to Zoe's kindness (and some witchy magic by Fiona), Kyle eventually did become lucid again, allowing him and Zoe to form a very loving, albeit non-traditional, relationship.

5. Jimmy Darling, Freak Show
Jimmy lived a tragic life, exploited for his deformity from the moment of his birth to when Stanley cut off both his hands. Yet despite all the hardships he survived, Jimmy never lost faith in humanity nor his love for his fellow freaks. He was one of the only truly good-hearted characters in Freak Show and we'd be curious to see how his life with Bette and Dot turned out.

4. James March, Hotel
Peters' first turn as a villain proved that the actor is far more than just a romantic lead. The eccentric, cruel and flamboyant owner of the Hotel Cortez was no doubt a psychopath, but boy, was he funny! The accent, the gestures, the unrequited love of the vampire vixen The Countess — March always kept us smiling (when he wasn't going around killing people, of course).

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3. Kai Anderson, Cult
No matter your personal opinions of Cult, it's clear that Kai is Peters' meatiest, most complex role. As the leader of the anarchistic cult, Kai is simultaneously charming and charismatic while also manipulative, vindictive and cruel. It's a great reminder of how far Peters' talents range, even if some fans would prefer him to be a swoon-worthy ghost again.

2. Kit Walker, Asylum
While most of Asylum's best material went to Sister Jude and Lana Winters, Kit's complicated love story was truly one for the ages. We still have no idea why the aliens were so obsessed with him, but we do know that Kit would have done anything for the people he loved. Whether it was Alma, Grace, Lana or Jude, Kit stood by these women through the ups and the downs. He was a beacon of morality in Briarcliff's dank walls.

1. Tate Langdon, Murder House
Tate Langdon will likely always be Peters' best AHS role because it'd be near-to-impossible to match the journey fans went on with him. At first, we just thought Tate was just a bit emo and had an overwhelming love for Violet. And even once we began suspecting Tate might be another of the Murder House's haunted inhabitants, we never could have guessed that Tate was actually a school shooter and Rubber Man. Murder House managed to make Tate the beloved love interest and one of the primary villains, all without the twists feeling cheap or unearned.

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