Todd Palin and Sarah Palin Todd Palin and Sarah Palin

With her presidential ambitions behind her — at least for the 2012 race — Sarah Palin is pitching a new reality series that would focus on her husband, Todd Palin, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The project would specifically center on Todd Palin's career as a championship snowmobile racer (a topic mocked frequently on Saturday Night Live during the 2008 presidential race). Sarah Palin, 47, is pitching the project with Mark Burnett, who also produced her TLC reality series Sarah Palin's Alaska, which aired last year.

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Discovery Communications, which owns TLC, and A&E Networks have passed on the project, but producers are still shopping it to other channels.

Alaska debuted to a record-breaking 5 million viewers in November 2010, but viewership dropped to 2.5 million when the series wrapped in January 2011. Sarah Palin has for the most part been out of the spotlight since announcing in October she would not run for president in 2012. The former Governor of Alaska is still a correspondent for Fox News.

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