Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are two of the most outlandish political personalities, and yet their Friday night interview on One America News Network was surprisingly banal.

Palin lobbed softballs at Trump throughout the interview, which discussed the economy, veterans and the Bible, as the duo mainly just exchanged compliments of one another.

The most interesting part of the entire exchange - which was oddly lacking the over-the-top, unfiltered remarks Trump is known for - was when Palin asked Trump how he deals with "Gotcha!" journalism and the "idiots in the press," including Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

"You schooled that radical activist. And that was the right thing to do," Palin said, praising Trump for allowing Ramos to be kicked out of a recent news conference.

"He was totally out of line. He was screaming and ranting and raving. And I said 'Who is this guy?'" Trump said. "I'm suing Univision actually for $500 million dollars. His daughter works for Hillary Clinton and he was trying to put on a show. But actually he was hurting the rest [of the reporters in attendance]."

Watch Palin and Trump's full interview below.