Donald Trump kicked Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of an event in Iowa on Tuesday after the reporter asked the Republican candidate about immigration.

Trump told Ramos he had no right to ask the question since he hadn't been called on and proceeded to call on another journalist who had raised their hand. But Ramos continued to press Trump, saying he "cannot deport 11 million people." A member of security approached Ramos, who was instructed to sit down before being escorted out of the press room.

When another journalist questioned Trump about Ramos' expulsion, the GOP frontrunner defended the incident. "I don't know really much about him. I don't believe I've ever met him, except he started screaming. I didn't escort him out. You'll have to talk to security," Trump said. "Certainly he was not chosen. I chose you, I chose other people. You're asking me questions. He just stands up and starts screaming. So, you know, maybe he's at fault also," Trump said, before adding, "I don't mind if he comes back, frankly." (Ramos was eventually let back into the news conference.)

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Ramos also stood by his actions. "It's the first time in my life, anywhere in the world, in which I have been escorted out of a press conference," Ramos said on his Fusion show America with Jorge Ramos. "I am a reporter, an immigrant, and a U.S. citizen and I have the right to ask any questions of anyone."

Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision in June after the company dropped its planned telecast of the Miss USA Pageant due to Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants. Univision's president of news and Fusion CEO Isaac Lee told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement that "We'd love for Mr. Trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with Jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals."

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