Sarah Lancaster, <EM>What About Brian</EM> Sarah Lancaster, What About Brian
Sarah Lancaster recently turned 26, but she's already racked up more TV credits than most actors claim in a lifetime. Her first role was as Rachel on Saved by the Bell: The New Class . Since then she's made appearances on Dawson's Creek

, Boston PublicThat 70s Show, Scrubs, 7th Heaven, Six Feet Under and Everwood, to name a few. Starting in April, the sultry beauty will play the female lead in What About Brian, a new show by executive producer J.J. Abrams. caught up with the grizzled television vet to find out what Brian's all about. How would you describe What About Brian?
Sarah Lancaster:
Well, I'd say [my character] is kind of a twentysomething in the new thirtysomething. We've all had a hard time creating that one perfect catchphrase for what the show encompasses. It plays with [the issue of] whether it's better to be single or better to be married. It's about love. It's about life. It's about sex. It's about relationships. What current TV shows are similar to Brian?
Lancaster: I think we have a similar tone to Grey's Anatomy without all the medical stuff. I remember when that show came out and it was hard to pin down whether it was a comedy or a drama. I think our show is the same way. It's a drama, but [it finds] humor in the real authentic stuff that happens in everyday life. In the show, your character, Marjorie, is in the middle of a love triangle involving the title character and his best friend, who happens to be your character's boyfriend. Have you had any personal experiences that helped you relate to that situation?
Lancaster: I have not yet had a boyfriend's best friend be in love with me. Have you ever been interested in one of your man's buddies?
Lancaster: God, no! You're totally stirring the pot right now. For someone so young, you have a huge list of TV credits. What are the chances that What About Brian stays on the air for a while and turns Sarah Lancaster into a household name?
Lancaster: I sincerely hope so. Sarah Lancaster has a mortgage to pay. The thing is I've been doing this so long. You have to take the attitude that work begets work in this town, but when something like this comes along where I love the script and I love the people involved, it's icing on the cake. So if it were to take off, it would mean the world to me. J.J. Abrams has had a lot of success recently with action-oriented fare like Lost and Alias. Why do you think he chose to do a show about relationships?
Lancaster: I think if you look back to when he did Felicity, this [choice] will make sense because it has a similar tone. We're polar opposites of Lost, but this does have his stamp on it and it's a good stamp to have. You have appeared on NBC, Fox, WB, CBS and now ABC, and you've worked for every major network but one. Are there any regrets about not doing a show on UPN?
Lancaster: [Laughs] Uh, no regrets, but never say never. Well, you better do it quick, because WB and UPN are merging soon.
Lancaster: True. CW is happening. I better see if I can get that on my résumé. Other than your history and interests, your personal bio says only that, "Sarah currently resides in Los Angeles with her two cats." Why so brief?
Lancaster: That sounds so depressing, doesn't it. It's not the most exciting bio I've ever read.
Lancaster: I don't know who wrote that, to be honest, but it's true. I do reside with my two cats. I'm not sure why that's all there is. Maybe I like to keep an air of mystery about me. What are you hiding?
There are actually 20 cats, not just two. It's pretty creepy, I know. Feel free to pour your heart out with this last question. Do you miss Screech?
God bless Screech. I have not checked in with Dustin Diamond lately, but I hope he's doing well. I really do. You know, I called Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding, a little while ago to tell him that I saw him on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but that's the last contact I've had with the Saved by the Bell crew.

TVG: Sounds like CW should put a reunion special together.