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Director Randall Miller has been indicted in the February train crash that killed a crew member on the set of a biopic about musician Gregg Allman, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Sarah Jones, a 27-year-old second camera assistant, was killed in the crash that occurred in Georgia on Feb. 20, during the filming of MidnightRider. Six other crew members were injured when a freight train crashed into the group while they were filming a dream sequence on a historic train trestle over the Altamaha River in Doctortown. Jones was fatally injured when she was struck by the train and by pieces of metal that flew from a prop bed that had been placed on the tracks.

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Miller, his wife Jody Savin, and executive producer Jay Savrish have all been indicted and face involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing charges, according to the Times. They each face up to 10 years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter charge and up to a year for criminal trespassing.

William Hurt was set to star as Allman in the film, but dropped out of the project after Jones' death. After the incident, Hurt told the Times that he warned the crew about the dangers of filming on the trestle.

In April, the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health released a report in which it characterized Jones' death as "preventable."

Jones' parents, Elizabeth and Richard, responded to news of the indictmentThursday with the following statement issued from Richard, according toDeadline: "Elizabeth and I are comfortable that the authorities were both careful and meticulous in investigating and bringing charges related to the incident that took our daughter's life. We must allow the criminal justice process to proceed unhindered. Our mission remains the same: to ensure safety on all film sets. Safety for Sarah."