In researching her role as a homicide detective in the new thriller Murder by Numbers, Sandra Bullock did not consult the country's most popular authority on the subject: CBS's top-rated forensics drama CSI. "I haven't watched CSI," she admits to TV Guide Online. "I like the real-life stuff, like on Discovery and The Learning Channel... and Cops. Give me the real gore. And if [those shows] are not on, then you go to the other shows that [feature] actors."

In Murder by Numbers — which opens April 19 — Bullock's character is caught in a cat-and-mouse game with two high school killers. Did Miss Congeniality get squeamish having to sift through all the evidence (i.e., blood, guts, puke, etc.)? "Not at all," she insists. "I love stuff like that. I really do. Since a young age I was exposed to plenty of uncomfortable situations, so blood and that kind of stuff doesn't affect me."

"I've always found forensics absolutely fascinating," continues the actress, who also served as one of Murder's producers. "[I like] anything to do with clues and checking things out and solving. I'm sort of like a pseudo-lawyer. I'm convinced I can solve every case and argue my way up. So, it really fell into my nature."

In the upcoming release Two Weeks Notice (due Dec. 20), Bullock also tackles a subject close to her heart: relationship anxiety. She plays a neurotic attorney who is "completely unable" to admit she loves Hugh Grant. It's a problem with which the 37-year-old single gal has more than a passing familiarity. "My greatest fear is saying 'I love you,'" she confesses. "Hugh keeps going, 'Do you notice how similar this is to you?' I'm like, 'I know.' I have issues, and believe me and everyone that knows me, it's something I've got to work out in therapy."