Question: Samantha Who? Samantha What? Samantha When? Samantha Where? I'm easy just gimme something, please!

Answer: Let's go with who and when. The hitcom is casting three new roles to debut next season. First up is Dr. Andy Adams, Sam's a-dork-able neurologist who, once her insurance stops covering her treatments, finally gets the opening he's been waiting for to ask her out. Don't expect the path to be clear for him, though. In addition, the show is on the lookout for someone to play Owen, a squeaky-clean but filthy-rich Bruce Wayne type who's catnip to the ladies. Finally, there's Seth, so named because producers are going for a Seth Rogan archetype  a sloppy goofball who answers to the name "Dude" as often as the name "Seth." Oh, and here's another little tidbit for you: One of these roles is thisclose to going to an actor who's highly recognizable as the big-screen sidekick of a current House regular. How lucky are you people? I mean, really you not only get your AA questions answered, but sometimes, when you're really, really good, I give you a blind item within the answer.