As the son of screen legends Lauren Bacall and the late Jason Robards, Sam Robards (American Beauty, Bounce) has spent his entire life in the Hollywood spotlight. Still, the 39-year-old actor cops to being a bit starstruck on the set of Steven Spielberg's mindbending futuristic fantasy, (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (opening today).

"I'm just a human being like everyone else — I mean, it's Steven Spielberg," he marvels. "He's running DreamWorks. He's making the movie that's [the dream] of Stanley Kubrick. As an actor, it's a lot.

"I was totally freaked out the first day," continues Robards, who plays the adoptive father of a robot boy (Haley Joel Osment) in A.I. "I just was, 'Right. Steven Spielberg just gave me direction. Oh my God.'"

Turns out, Spielberg also gave him a good deal of grief about a certain Sex and the City episode last summer that found Robards frolicking naked on a swing with Kim Cattrall. "That aired when we were shooting [A.I.] and all the crew guys were ribbing me about it," he recalls. "And you know Steven, of course, joined in, so it was lovely."

It wasn't any easier shooting the memorable guest shot, Robards points out. "As a guy, nobody wanted to see my butt," he sighs. "All of the Teamsters [on the Sex set] were like, 'Oh look! It's Kim Cattrall! Bring it on over!'"