American Idol host Ryan Seacrest wants to make one thing clear about his upcoming as-yet untitled syndicated series. "It's not a spinoff of American Idol," he insists of the five-times-a-week live "entertainment news magazine/variety show hybrid," which launches next January in tandem with AI3. "Obviously that's a very popular piece of pop culture that we will incorporate, but we're not going to be all American Idol, all the time."

Still, Seacrest reveals that he may hire some Idol alums to serve as correspondents. Among the folks under consideration: booted belter Frenchie Davis. "She's a genuine star," he says, adding that he wants to "grab a handful of young [reporters] that bring something different to the table. I'm also thinking of doing a nationwide search for a pop culture junkie that could be a part of that team."

Ironically, the well-groomed smooth-talker says the show will not be nearly as polished as his nails. "It's going to go on the air, and if there are mistakes, you're going to see the mistakes," he says. "It's going to be unvarnished, vulnerable and pretty real. I don't want to fix things.

"We get a lot of that entertainment news each day from various places and it's quick and really slick," he continues. "This will not be that program."

Most surprising of all, the variety hour will not be titled The Ryan Seacrest Show. "Calling something The Ryan Seacrest Show connotes talk — and this is not a talk show," he maintains. "It may be 'something-something with Ryan Seacrest,' but my mission is not to go out and talk about me and what I think about everything in the world. It will have some personality that is true to me, like bad clothes and things like that, but... it will be a place that you can feel totally plugged into the pop culture buzz of the day."