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Ryan Gosling's Awards Season Chill: A Brief History in GIFs

Hey girl, he's barely impressed by any of this

Kat Rosenfield

Even the most seasoned Hollywood veteran can experience a full-body meltdown come awards season, what with the stress, the excitement, and the ultimate, intense competition for that tiny handful of prestigious gold trophies. But Ryan Gosling, despite being among the most sought-after actors in the business, isn't in that category.

In fact, Ryan Gosling at awards season is the living embodiment of stone-cold chill -- as we were once again reminded of Sunday night, at the 89th Annual Academy Awards. Below, we've rounded up his most unflappable moments in a decade of Globes, Oscars, BAFTAs and SAGs.

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1. When candy fell from the sky on tiny parachutes, Hunger Games-style, at the Oscars and all it did was make him mildly curious


2. When he got caught snoozing at the SAGs


3. When he clapped with emotionless precision at the Oscars


4. When not even Russell Crowe could bait him into an argument at the Golden Globes.


5. When he experienced maybe one half of one second of an emotion at the Globes that wasn't "total chill"... but it passed, and everything was alright again.