Russell Brand Russell Brand

Russell Brand, the British comedian otherwise known as Mr. Katy Perry, hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time and played up his foreigner status.

Brand started out the evening asking the audience to trust him, since he averred he's much more famous in his native England than he is in America. He also explained his signature tight clothing to the audience saying, "In England, tight pants means you're famous. In America, tight pants means additional screening at JFK airport, I learned":

Brand busted out his American accent to play a uninterested, beer-drinking Vacation Getaway winner who refused to give Kristen Wiig's TV host the over-the-top reaction she was expecting:

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Brand took his American act one step further with a violent impersonation of George Washington. In the sketch, the Founding Father is transported to 2011 through a top-secret time machine from the Pentagon. Unfortunately, no one decided to clue the first president in, and things turn ugly fast:

Bill Hader took his own stab at Brand's native land with the fake trailer for the British crime drama Don't You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro. In the film, Hader and the rest of the cast sported such thick accents that one of the featured reviews said: "I thought they were speaking another language":

Chris Brown performed his hit song "Yeah 3X" on the show: