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RuPaul's Drag Race: Um, What Was the Deal With Those Butterflies?

Talk about a fashion faux pas

Lindsay MacDonald

RuPaul's Drag Racehas had its fair share of flashy fashion faux pas over its 10-season run, but tonight's (June 28) might have been the most cringe-worthy to date.

Asia O'Hara attempted to bring some... ehem, life to the stage during her performance by releasing butterflies from strategic areas of her dress, but those poor suckers didn't exactly get the memo. Most of them fell lifelessly to the stage and a few even ended up in her hair! YIKES.

Don't worry, no butterflies were harmed in the making of this drag race, but the damage was pretty much done.

"I used what are called Painted Lady butterflies, and going west across the continental divide, they have to be kept cool -- basically in hibernation or asleep -- so they don't stress," Asia O'Hara told Entertainment Weekly. "They need to warm up to a certain temperature in order to fly away. I, of course, rehearsed it at home several times and it worked, but [the finale was] a different place and a different environment, and I don't think the contraptions were warm enough to wake the butterflies up."

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Fans were equally aghast at the mishap, most of them believing the butterflies to be dead.

Sadly, the butterfly incident left Asia with a fourth-place finish as Aquaria took home the Season 10 crown.

RuPaul's Drag Race is expected to return in 2019.