Chris March Chris March

Project Runway alum Chris March claims in a lawsuit that Beyonce's costume designer, Thierry Mugler, hired him to design some of the singer's costumes — but didn't pay March in full.

"I just hope to get this resolved as soon as possible," March says.

March says he received more than half of the payment for his work, but that Mugler left for Paris without paying final invoices, including an invoice from Carelli Costumes — a separate company hired to carry out some of the futuristic designs. The suit says March and Carelli are still owed approximately $43,500.

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"Chris March's lawsuit is not against Beyonce, but rather against Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, who owe Chris money for having designed and fitted Beyonce's costumes," March's lawyer, Leslie H. Ben-Zvi said. "Beyonce paid them, but they in turn have not paid Chris. Chris continues to be a fan and great admirer of Beyonce, who looks beautiful in everything she wears, especially Chris's costumes."

March has worked with Mugler for about six years.