Question: Rumor has it that since the Palladinos have the green light on a new show for next year, this might be the last season for Gilmore Girls. Is there any truth to this? Are we really not going to get a Season 7?

Answer: Relax. There's little doubt Gilmore will be back in the fall. Not only is it, like, 13 viewers away from eclipsing Smallville as WB's most-watched show, but Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are already contracted for a seventh year. And guess who's also on board for next season? Scott frakkin' Patterson. That's right; reliable sources tell me his deal just closed. Now, the only question is whether Team Palladino whose pact expires in May will be at the helm of what is widely expected to be the show's farewell season. My gut tells me Amy and Dan will be back, albeit in a somewhat reduced capacity since they'll be juggling both GG and their new, as-yet-untitled, Big Apple-based romantic comedy.