"Route 29 Batman" Lenny B. Robinson, 51, has died after being struck by a car on a Maryland interstate, CNN reports. Robinson's custom Batmobile had engine trouble and had stopped partially in the fast lane on I-70. He had gotten out of the car to check the engine while still in the lane when a Toyota Camry struck his car, and in turn, him, the Hagerstown State Police said in a statement.

Robinson became famous for playing the role of Batman for children in hospitals after police dashcam footage captured him in full costume during a traffic stop on Route 29 in Silver Spring, Md. He quickly became known as "Route 29 Batman." The Montgomery Count Police Department said it was "saddened" by the news of Robinson's death.

"Robinson was not much for attention and wanted to remain low-key as news reports of his interaction with MCP hit national and international news. When we replay the traffic-stop video, we smile and laugh, fondly remembering the day that MCP met a real superhero," their statement said.

In addition to investing in his own Batman suit and custom Lamborghini, Robinson continually spent his own money on coloring books, T-shirts and other gifts for the children he visited, but "it wasn't about spending the money on the car or the suit. It was about coming to see the kids," Robinson said in 2012.

"It's rewarding in a whole different way, just making that child smile. And if I only just touch one kid out of all this, then I know I've done something really successful," he said.