Rosie O'Donnell by Stephen Lovekin/ Rosie O'Donnell by Stephen Lovekin/

A photo of Rosie O'Donnell's 4-year-old daughter Vivian Rose wearing an ammo belt over her shoulder has elicited outrage from visitors to O'Donnell's blog, with even the personality's usual supporters declaring the image "gross," and themselves "disappointed"/"disturbed."

Rosie, an anti-war and gun-control advocate, finds the response "wild" and deems it a "shame" that no such shock is expressed at the thousands of real soldiers dying in Iraq. The mom points out that the ammo belt is a toy, and that Vivian was merely joining her older brothers in a make-believe game.

Me, I can't even make my 4-year-old sons anything remotely pistol-shaped out of Legos without getting a glare from the missus. Harrumph!

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