A former senior producer of The View is suing Rosie O'Donnell for slander and getting her fired.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Shepard-Brookman says she was fired in 2015, after 14 years of working on the ABC daytime show, because O'Donnell slandered her in front of other producers and staff.

Shepard-Brookman claims O'Donnell wanted to oust Whoopi Goldberg from the moderator spot, and that O'Donnell accused the producer of colluding with Goldberg to "undermine" her.

When it was decided that Goldberg would lead the coverage of the beheading of James Foley rather than O'Donnell, the comedian screamed at Shepard-Brookman and "[grabbed] the arms of the chair in which Ms. Brookman was sitting, leaning very close to her face and prohibiting her from leaving," the suit states.

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O'Donnell, who left the show in February for personal reasons, also publicly accused Shepard-Brookman of leaking stories to the media about O'Donnell's "acrimonious" relationship with producers, co-hosts and staff, according to the suit. Shepard-Brookman claims O'Donnell continued to slander her after the meeting.

Shepard-Brookman denies leaking any information to the media and says O'Donnell's actions "caused [her] to suffer intense emotional distress... destroyed her professional reputation, and led to her termination of employment." She seeks unspecified damages.

O'Donnell's attorney Nicolle Jacoby flatly denies the accusations. "The allegations that have been made by Jennifer Brookman against Rosie O'Donnell are baseless and Ms. O'Donnell will defend herself vigorously in court," Jacoby said in a statement.