Rosie O"Donnell by Mark Van Holden/ Rosie O"Donnell by Mark Van Holden/

Now this is just plain sad. Friday Night Lights wants Rosie O'Donnell to play soccer coach Bobbie Roberts. Rosie wants to play the part. Many of you want her to play the part. I want her to play the part.

But it looks like she isn't gonna.

A casting notice went out late last week for the role that has the View survivor's name written all over it. "Tough... short-tempered... good comedic sense." It's either Rosie or me, and since they want a woman, it ought to be Rosie. Moreover, the episode in which the character first appears is currently in production in Austin, and according to Rosie's latest blog, she and her family are currently in Baltimore.

Although things look grim - unless you're Popular alum Diane "Bobbi Glass" Delano, who FNL's producers should meet with immediately for the gig - there remains at least a little bit of hope for a Rosie appearance on the soccer field. A source close to the funny lady maintains that both sides are still trying to make something happen "because she loves [the show]. But nothing is close."

An NBC rep had no comment. I, however, have several. Who's dropping the ball here? If everybody wants to be on the same team, shouldn't it be a helluva lot easier to just issue Rosie a jersey already? And if she doesn't suit up, and the show doesn't take my advice and check out Delano, who should play Coach Roberts? OK, I'm done. Your turn. - Additional reporting by Ben Katner