The search is finally over for David (Johnny Galecki) and Darlene's (Sarah Gilbert) son on the upcoming Roseanne revival.

TV Line revealed that Ames McNamara, who is relatively new to the business, will play the couple's youngest child Mark, an 8-year-old who is described as "sensitive and bright" and someone who "occasionally likes to wear girls' clothing." However, no additional details on his character have been released.

The show is still in the process of casting their first-born Harris, who was born prematurely in the 19th episode of Season 9. When the reboot premieres, she'll be 14 years old and the spitting image of her mom — both in appearance and attitude.

While David ended up with Becky (Lecy Goranson/Sarah Chalke) and Darlene married Mark (the late Glenn Quinn) in the series finale, it looks like the revival will ignore those events and have David and Darlene together (as it should be). The series will also retcon the controversial reveal that Dan Conner had died now that John Goodman has officially signed on to return.

Roseanne Revival Will Basically Disregard the Original Series Finale

Roseanne will heads back to ABC for a limited 10th season in 2018.