Johnny Galecki's involvement in the Roseanne reboot at ABC is still unsure, but there will be a definite David Healy presence on the show.

According to TVLine, Roseanne producers are on the hunt for young actors to play the children of Darlene (Sarah Gilbert) and David. One of those kids will be Harris, David and Darlene's eldest daughter who was born in the 19th episode of Season 9. TVLine reports that Harris will now be 14 and the spitting image of Darlene — physically and in attitude. The show is also looking for a young man under the age of 10 as the second kid.

Watch the Teaser for ABC's Roseanne Reboot

ABC is still trying to work out how much Galecki will be able to appear in the series, if at all, due to his commitments at CBS for The Big Bang Theory. On the bright side, the casting of David and Darlene's kids does indicate that the revival is undoing the Roseanne finale twist that said Darlene and David's relationship was a figment of Roseanne's (Roseanne Barr) imagination.

The big question remains, if Galecki can't make it into the series, will the revival make Darlene a widow or David an absentee dad?