"Sometimes I think they're just saying it because we're both named Rosie and fat." That's one of Roseanne Barr's comments to E!'s The Daily 10, with regards to rumors that she might fill the seat-cushion divot left behind when Rosie O'Donnell exits The View. Though Rosie O has told Rosie B it's unlikely Babs will come a-calling - "They want someone they can control," Barr says Rosie told her - Roseanne is open to the prospect, if only to offer the POV of someone "who actually works for a living" and "talk about things that real women want to talk about."

For that very reason, however, Barr is bearish on her chances. "I mean, I think the public schools should be talked about every single day. And health care, and jobs. Plus, I don't give a damn about celebrities. So I'm probably not right for that show."