Roseanne Barr needs some milk, because she is out of control right now.

Hot on the heels of her previous video "explaining" the racist tweet that got Roseanne canceled — the video where in profane terms she screamed that she thought Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was white — Barr has released a second video that's an "official statement" on the controversy. This one is more composed but deranged in its own way. (Why is she blinking so much?)

In the short clip, she reiterates that she didn't realize Jarrett was black when she sent the tweet comparing the political strategist to an ape, so therefore she's not racist. She also says that her show was canceled for the simple reason that she voted for Donald Trump.

Here's the transcript of the statement:

"Hi, this is Roseanne Barr and I'd like to welcome you to my own studio, where I'm able to speak for myself to my fellow and sister Americans without the filter of the biased media. This was my statement from the very beginning, and it will continue to be forever because it is the truth. When ABC called and asked me to explain my 'egregious and unforgivable tweet,' I told them I thought Valerie Jarrett was white. And I also said I am willing to go on The View, Jimmy Kimmel, or whatever other show you want me to go on and explain that to my audience. Now, instead what happened was about 40 minutes after that my show was canceled before even one advertiser pulled out and I was labeled a racist. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. It's because I voted for Donald Trump and that is not allowed in Hollywood." When she reaches the last word, the clip suddenly and dramatically fades out.

It seems to be the polished "presidential address" referenced in the previously released video, which captures a behind-the-scenes moment of Barr smoking a cigarette, arguing with her son who's producing the video, and screaming "I thought the b---h was white!" in a viscerally terrifying manner.

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Barr has claimed since the day Roseanne was canceled that she thought Jarrett was white before she sent the tweet. She's also claimed the tweet was about anti-Semitism. She's also claimed she was high on Ambien when she sent it. She's also tearfully apologized for the pain she's caused. But her claim that she didn't know Jarrett was black has remained consistent. That is not to say it's sincere, or that Barr is not racist even if she truly didn't realize Jarrett was black. Barr has said other racist things in the past, well before she tweeted "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby=vj."

It's unclear to me, a member of the so-called "biased media," what Barr hopes to accomplish with these videos, but #MAGA Twitter is very supportive, with conservatives tweeting their support for Barr. So she's just doubling down and appealing to her base and trying to get some subscribers to her YouTube channel for the talk show she's apparently going to do.

Barr's claim that her show was canceled because she voted for Trump does not hold up to the slightest scrutiny. Tim Allen voted for Trump and he got his show back. Barr's politics were well known when ABC picked up Roseanne. The show was canceled because Barr said something more racist than ABC executives were willing to tolerate and they didn't want to deal with her anymore. Because when you deal with Roseanne Barr, erratic stuff like this happens.

As you know, Roseanne was swiftly canceled May 30 when Barr sent a tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett to a terrorist and an ape. ABC has picked up a spin-off, The Conners, that will continue the family's story without her.