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Roseanne Barr Releases Bizarre Video Claiming She Thought Valerie Jarrett Was White

Watch the disturbing clip where she explains the tweet that got Roseanne canceled

Amanda Bell

Roseanne Barr is trying to set the record straight, again, about the infamous tweet that cost her a show.

In a bizarre, curse-laden video posted to her own YouTube channel on Thursday, the actress proclaims that she didn't know Obama Administration official Valerie Jarrett was black, as a means of explaining away the racist tweet that cost her the hit ABC revival of Roseanne earlier this year.

"I'm trying to talk about Iran. I'm trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett writing the Iran Deal...that's what my tweet was about...I thought the b---h was white!" she screams.

It's not the first time Barr has made this argument, but it is the most visibly worked up she's been while doing so, since she follows the shouted statement up with even more profanity before repeating her claim again.

Roseanne was canceled in May by ABC, despite being a major hit for the network, after the actress and producer compared Jarrett to an ape in a tweet she later attributed to her use of Ambien medication. She later backtracked on her original message, insisting that she didn't mean to be racist, but the network decided to pursue a spin-off series without her called The Conners instead of renewing their relationship with the embattled titular star of the show.

Barr has since claimed she has had multiple other offers to return to TV.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, this video was shot by Barr's son, Jake Pentland, and is a teaser for a planned talk show series for her YouTube channel consisting of "unfiltered" interviews and chats with friends and family. Pentland is producing through his Full Moon & High Tide Studio in El Segundo, CA.