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Just one day after the cancellation of At the Movies, Roger Ebert announced that he and his wife Chaz will produce a new movie review television show tentatively titled Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies.

At the Movies will end in August after 35 years

"No, Wednesday's cancellation of At the Movies hasn't discouraged us," Ebert wrote in his Chicago Sun-Times blog on Thursday. "We believe a market still exists for a weekly show where a couple of critics review new movies."

While Ebert did not reveal the details about the negotiations, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer assured fans "the Thumbs will return," referring to the signature thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system Ebert created with the late Gene Siskel.

Ebert said a host has been selected and that the show, which will encompass everything from big money blockbusters to low-budget indie films, will have a huge presence on the web and other new media platforms.

The film critic added that he would also like to make "occasional appearances" on the air. Ebert lost his voice following a cancer surgery, but recently debuted technology that allows him to communicate with his own computerized voice.

Roger Ebert debuts "new voice" on Oprah

Siskel and Ebert co-hosted Sneak Previews and two versions of At the Movies from 1975 to 1999. The series, which has continued with various critics at the helm, will conclude its 35-year run on Aug. 14.