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Rob Lowe Thinks a West Wing Reunion "Might Happen"

"To put that band back together would be amazing"

Malcolm Venable

You may have noticed that TV is currently in the business of rebooting every show you've ever loved. And considering our national state of affairs, a sunny, hopeful political drama like The West Wing may be just the reboot we need.

Even though Rob Lowe famously bolted from his role as White House communications director Sam Seaborn in Season 4, you can count him among the cast members who are down for more, if the show was reelected for another season.

"I'm always up for [a] Netflix The West Wing reboot," Lowe told TV Guide while promoting his role on Code Black at the Television Critics Association's Winter press tour. "I know [show creator] Aaron [Sorkin] would have some unbelievable, unexpected journey that Sam would have been on."

While there are no official plans for the series, which ran from 1999 to 2006 on NBC, to return to TV, Sorkin has previously said he would be up for bringing West Wing back if there were a way to do so, "without harming its legacy."

"To put that band back together would be amazing," Lowe continued, before promisingly adding, "I think that that might happen."

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A rebooted West Wing would be a way for Lowe to make his passion for politics his day gig (again). He's been unabashed in sharing his views on Twitter in recent years -- sometimes sparking controversy with his thoughts on everything from the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris to NFL players protesting the national anthem.

"There's very little upside in being unbelievably partisan on either side," Lowe noted. "What I always to try to do, because I'm a centrist anyway, is whenever I give an opinion it's about something any reasonable person can agree with. If people want partisan hectoring there are plenty of actors who will give it to them... But it's not my thing."

And that bipartisanship would most likely continue on any new version of West Wing involving Seaborn.

"What's really funny is I'm sort of like Colin Powell back in the day," Lowe said, "Where people don't know if I'm Republican or Democrat. There are Republicans who claim me, and Democrats that claim me, and that's just the way I like it."

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