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Rest easy, Parks and Recreation fans. Series executive producer Mike Schur says Rob Lowe will not be filling in for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen hopes Rob Lowe replaces him on Two and a Half Men

"This is very silly. There is no truth to that rumor," Schur said Wednesday night during the show's PaleyFest panel. Sheen recently endorsed the idea of Lowe taking his place on the CBS comedy. Both he and John Stamos have popped up as possible contenders for the job in the days following Sheen's termination.

"Someone lit a match and the Internet set it on fire," Schur said.

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Lowe was noticeably absent from the panel, but Schur reassured the crowd that the actor was MIA only because he was visiting colleges with his son. He went on to say that Lowe, who joined Parks and Recreation at the end of last season as state auditor Chris Traeger, is a full-time cast member and under a "multiyear" contract with the show.

Aubrey Plaza, who plays department assistant April, did, however, have a message for Sheen: "Charlie, I'm available for [anything] you want to get into ..." The actress also suggested he play the mayor of Pawnee.